We value our people. Developers from Accegile would like to share their experience and thoughts during their working. The following articles are wrote by them. If you would like to communicate with our developers or discuss with them in programming or testing, please send email to

Articles List

  • CIO Outsourcing and Premium ODC

    CIO outsourcing is a business that will be carried out in domestic market in the coming days. The target market for CIO outsourcing is domestic SMEs (Small and medium enterprises).

  • Web security testing

    Web security testing is a process for verifying the security level for Web Applications and identifying security flaws. Web security testing aims to check software security risks and the prevention capabilities for Web application.

  • Experience in Working under ODC Model

    Hereby we will share with you some experience in ODC(offshore software center) model, while doing a detail project with an Australian customer.

  • Sharing on Agile Testing

    Today we will share some experience with our Agile Testing during our work.

  • Monkey Testing in Android Automatic Testing

    The writer explains some ideas on Android auto testing especially Monkey Testing. What is Monkey Testing?

  • Sharing on ODC (offshore Development Center) Project Experience

    Hereby our developers shared their experience about how to make a steady project and get mutual trust between our customers.

  • Let's Talk about Data Warehouse

    A data warehouse (DW or DWH), also known as an enterprise data warehouse (EDW), is a system used for reporting and data analysis.

  • A Programmer's Product Concept

    As senior programmer, it is not enough to just finish the technical requirements that required by the customer. There should be product concept in his mind in order to deliver user-friendly and high quality software project.

  • What is Outstanding Software?

    As a software programmer, you may have this question: what is a successful Software project? There were many factors to evaluate a successful software. Business value, user experience, perfect function?

  • Automated Software Testing

    Recently automated software testing is becoming more and more popular during software testing procedure. While what automated software testing exactly is?