How we work

Accegile is a China based software outsourcing company that focuses on highly qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effective offshore software development. Click the following aspects to learn how Accegile works to deliver professional development outsourcing services.

Your Preferred Outsourcing Partner

Accegile is the leader in next generation global application outsourcing. Our world-class technical skills, recognized expertise in advanced development methodologies and deep industry experience allow us to consistently deliver results for enterprises around the world. Partnering with Accegile makes your company to achieve a legacy of excellence. Being your preferred outsourcing partner, we offer you high quality custom software development and IT outsourcing services.


Quality is our top priority. Accegile always pursues the highest quality, not only in its software products, but also in its processes, infrastructure, and employees. Nothing goes overlook. We document, implement, and evaluate all of our internal processes, because we are always looking for opportunities to improve and become more efficient. We are guided by detailed principles for quality control and management that cover every stage of the product lifecycle, from initial planning through maintenance. No matter how much time pressure we are under, we will never cut quality, which is viewed not only as the end, but also as the means.


We value our client’s confidentiality and much proud of our record of zero IP-related complaints in the last 12 years and always seek ways to improve security with:

  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Confidential document control
  • Project-related IP protection
  • Employee training and education

Agile practices

Accegile is a good practitioner of agile, We learn about agile development, appreciate it and share our appreciation with each other. Agile is widely used among our developers during the development process and even daily life. The following are what we value when applying agile practices in projects:

  • Work like we're in the same room as clients, with daily instant communication and continuous integration & delivery.
  • Flexible on client’s requirements and new ideas, fast response for emergency.
  • Team rules contribute to build a self-organizing team.
  • Good coding style and teamwork

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