Quality is our top priority.

Quality is an ever-expanding goal - the better you are, the better you need to be and one needs to live up to getting better.

Your best bet to assure the performance of any software without sacrificing on deadline and resource utilization would be software quality assurance. In any case, Design and development usually get a lot of attention while putting software together. In an event to rush to market, what usually gets sacrificed is quality.

Success is a journey and not a destination. Likewise, improvement of quality process is infinite, and marked only by milestones, never by completion! Accegile always pursues the highest quality, not only in its software products, but also in its processes, infrastructure, and employees. Nothing goes overlook. We document, implement, and evaluate all of our internal processes, because we are always looking for opportunities to improve and become more efficient. We are guided by detailed principles for quality control and management that cover every stage of the product lifecycle, from initial planning through maintenance. Our procedures minimize software errors by periodically collecting measurable data and checking it against our database before they are rolled into a demanding audit and review for quality. No matter how much time pressure we are under, we will never cut quality, which is viewed not only as the end, but also as the means.

We continuously upgrade ourselves by conducting periodic quality training sessions of coding standards, best coding practice, documentation standards and quality assurance to enhance the performance of all employees. We assure high quality through a multi-step program that includes:

Software Development Process

Quality assurance is not only a task for testing phase, but also for the whole development lifecycle. Accegile has built an efficient process to ensure the product quality at each phase.

  • Vision - In the first step, the client and our team work closely together to define the scope of the project, making sure that the IT work is closely aligned with the client's business objectives. We explore our options for the software architecture and begin risk identification and mitigation. This phase ends once we have agreed upon the direction for the project.
  • Plan and Design - In this part of the process, our team begins fine-tuning the project requirements and planning how the development will actually take place. This phase ends once the client has approved the project plan.
  • Development - In this phase, we move beyond mere planning and begin actually developing the new software or web application.
  • Stability - In this phase, we ask the client for detailed feedback so that we can begin modifying the product to better meet your needs in future versions.

Accegile has established standards for documentation, coding, and configurations, ensuring the consistently high quality of all that we do.


Teamwork is the key to achieve high quality of software. It is not only the responsibility of testers but also each team member involved in the project. Although the responsibility of each role is different, we have the same goal: to obtain high quality. Successful team work can promote this.

Progress Control

We have developed our own progress control tool which is efficient, transparent, and suitable to be applied in each project. It gives us real-time updates and easy access to all our assigned tasks, resources, and progress, to ensure that the project can be delivered to clients in time with high quality.

Open and Effective Communication

At Accegile, we pride ourselves on having open and effective communication with our clients. By doing this, we can have mutual understanding about the clients' needs and deliver high quality service to meet clients' expectations.

Oversight Team

Each project has a clearly identified oversight team through which members of technical experts and top management regularly observe the team's progress. Most other companies do not have anyone in this role, but at Accegile we have found it to be one of the keys to our success. The oversight team assists our clients to inspect and guarantee the standard of project workflow and management, the project teams' work efficiency, project progress and the quality of output.

QA Measures

Put simply, QA is the ears and eyes of senior manager and project manager, they can provide detailed and accurate information of the project and point out the improper process of the project in advance. At Accegile, we also have a special team like this, and they acted as 3 roles in the project:

  • Teacher - They have the ability to learn and train.
  • In the pre-stage of the project, QA can assist the project manager to design the Project Plan, help with the estimation, and also make the quality objectives; they can do the project process training and standard training for all the team members.

  • Doctor - Diagnose the progress of the project, and analysis the reason and make out a prescription.
  • In the project, QA takes the work of gather / statistics / analysis the measurement data, which used to support the management decision.

  • Policeman - For the business process, which was already made public, if any conflict found when communicating with the team, they can report to the senior manager directly.
  • In the project, QA will attend the project review and evaluate the product as well as the project process.

Not all of the projects we advised to include QA, according to customer demand, we can customize the team members combination to choose a best solution in order to create the greatest value for our customers.

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