Accegile IP Protection Policy

Accegile considers compliance with the laws and international agreements on Intellectual Property (IP) as a critical element in the company's long-term development strategy. Accegile strongly supports intellectual property protection and understands the vital importance of intellectual property in our customer's business development.

Accegile policy addresses five primary areas, each of which is regularly validated by our internal and third-party audit program:

Non-Disclosure Agreements

The first step that Accegile takes, to assure its customers of Accegile's commitment to protecting their IP, is the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). As an act of assurance that Accegile will treat its customers’ intellectual property with the utmost care, it is Accegile’s policy to sign an NDA with all its customers at the start of a business relationship. This NDA sets out the rules and responsibilities of both parties, and is strictly followed by all Accegile employees. In addition, the details of the content, in relation to which IP protection is assured, are also included in the contract.

Project-related IP Protection

Throughout the project cycle, Accegile protects its customers’ IP in both physical and electronic formats.

Accegile has a special and sensitive office for each client with a security door with password access and only the relevant staffs are permitted to enter the relevant office room(s). No one is allowed access to any hardware devices, except the network administrator. The security procedures and precautions are also enforced systematically after working hours. For example, the monitoring devices record all visitors. Further, it is clearly stated in the company's policy that talking about project related information even outside working hours is strictly forbidden.

Accegile guarantees high degree of confidentiality and security in every project to secure the clients’ documents and prototypes. All clients' information remains strictly confidential by using Active Directory to manage the users’ authorities. The data can only be viewed by the authorized staffs, and all the copies or editions of the data are clearly recorded by logs that clients can check at any time.

Accegile employs high-level security for client database information. Client database will not be used for any purpose other than development. Access by Accegile employees is permitted solely on a 'need-to-know basis'. The database is well protected during the entire project period. Database media storage and management integrity is ensured by Document Control (DC), which is supervised by Accegile's Quality Assurance (QA) department. For sensitive data, Accegile always put it into an isolated data server in a blocked shelf. Access to sensitive information is limited to a key person only.

As each employee of the company has his/her own computer with a startup password, therefore noone, other than the network administrator, cannot access anyone else's computer. Accegile has very strict rules for the network administrator to prevent him from disclosing other’s password/information. The company has systems in place to ensure that the access of an employee who has left the company is totally terminated or denied by withdrawing all relevant access authorizations and invalidating access to the computer system of the company. Also, the company promptly terminates the permission of an employee who ends his/her employment with the company, and disables inactive and orphaned accounts.

Accegile uses only trustworthy and long-term postal service providers to send its deliveries; it has agreements with them to protect its rights and interests. When data needs to be transferred, it is delivered securely by and to an appointed person.

The ownership of jointly created IP assets or of IP assets created by Accegile, as part of the work done for a client, belongs to its clients. Also all other IP assets, e.g. , patents and copyright involved in its activities concerning outsourcing, belong to its clients, in accordance with the agreement signed prior to the start of any project development work. All the project related data is transferred promptly and in full to the client with the projects’ formal delivery.

Confidential Document Control (DC)

Accegile has established a stringent process for managing and protecting its customers’ confidential documents. Every copy of every confidential document is separately numbered and tracked, and is distributed to an Accegile employee only on a 'need-to-know basis'. All copies of customers’ confidential documents are regularly accounted for, and deleted when usage needs have expired. All such confidential documents are returned and disposed of by the relevant customer/client.

Employee Confidentiality Contract

To provide further assurance that all Accegile employees are fully aware of, and sensitive to, the critical importance of protecting customers’ rights, all Accegile employees sign applicable confidentiality contracts along with their employee agreement upon joining Accegile. These agreements affirm that the employees will comply with Accegile IP Protection regulations. Employees regularly attend seminars designed to reinforce the importance of customers’ rights regarding confidential information.

Employee Training and Education

Accegile’s has an IP Protection Manual and conducts regularly training courses to ensure the implementation of its IP Policy. The IP Manual elaborates the IP Policy in a practical way, paying special attention to the particulars of offshore software development and customers' IP protection. All of the issues and rules on IP are explained in detail in the training of new employees that join the company. To ensure proper enforcement of the IP Policy, Accegile has regular training programs on IP for its employees, which are conducted by IP experts.

These five areas are summarized in this document to illustrate the process that Shinetech follows in order to protect customer IP. This document provides a model and general explanation of this process...

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