Fixed Cost

Generally, clients who are able to clearly define project scope would prefer this model. As under this model, cost and timeline will be pre-estimated, and a lucid project plan will be drafted. Clients can easily pick out the right vendor and precisely control the expense.

For nontechnical clients, you are also welcome to try this model. Our business analyst will help you write out a specification based on the idea you provide. Later we will work out an estimate based on this specification for your evaluation.

Free Quote

Clients send their project requirements to Accegile, our technical consultant will help to work out a proposal based on the project requirements received. The proposal normally includes team size, workload, total cost and technical solution etc. This process is free of charge to clients.

Fixed Budget

Client has predictability of his costs before the project starts. Accegile will stick to the requirements and proposal previously approved by client to complete the whole project, with no extra cost.

Exact Development Plan and Technical Documentation

Before the project starts, our project manager will make detailed development plan according to the client's project requirements and all of the following development work will be strictly performed based on the development plan. Accegile is capable to provide various kinds of technical documents to meet clients' needs.

Warranty Period

Accegile provides 3+ months warranty period after the delivery of any product. During this period, if there are any bugs found to be fixed, Accegile guarantees to fix the bugs within 24 hours free of charge.

Payment Types

Clients pay based on milestone and last payment after user acceptance.

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