Dedicated Development Centers

Our Dedicated Development Centers service enables you to enhance your business with top-quality resources handpicked to build a perfect team matching your requirements and business objectives with the preferred degree of monitoring and involvement. The carefully chosen team consists of qualified technical specialists, programmers, software architects, QA engineers and business analysts, to be fully dedicated into your projects and accomplish your projects employing the latest trends and technologies.

Dedicated Developer Work exp. (years) Capability Resume Sample
Junior Engineer 1-2 Shows good programming ability, able to take part in most projects or independently small projects. ResumeSample.pdf
Software Engineer
3-5 Fluent English reading and writing skills and able to communicate with clients via email or IM.
Creative and positive; self-organizing and able to solve challenges by analyzing and adapting appropriate methods.
Senior Software
6-10 Excellent English reading and writing skills and able to communicate with clients via email or IM.
Able to understand the big picture and what is trying to be achieved with relevant project experience.
Able to take part in most projects as a Senior Engineer, PM or SA and guide a team with more than 10 persons.
(Software Architect)
10+ Strong Analytical Skill with good oral & written communication skill. Capable of providing relevant consulting expertise or take part in building a successful outsourcing cooperation.
Able to provide on-site support service.

The benefits of our Dedicated Development Centers service include:

  • Clear account management and visibility to service metrics.
  • Transparency and predictability. Clients have access and full control to project status at all times and our teams provide weekly updates to highlight the progress.
  • Increased knowledge of your organization and industry. We work in close collaboration with clients to gain a complete understanding of their needs to ensure high productivity.
  • Scalability and Flexibility. A multi-skilled blended structure allows team sizes to adapt according to project needs and offers flexibility to ramp-up and down.
  • Our experienced development team seamlessly collaborates with clients, thus eliminating the risks of low efficiency and inaccurate estimation as a result of using new teams for each project.
  • Our use of leading industry development methodologies such as Agile, Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP) and Test Driven Development (TDD) are blended and customized to achieve the highest development quality and an efficient team structure.

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