Android App Development

Are you going to start your Android App project? Accegile offers one-stop services in Android App Development, from the inception of the idea to design, development, testing, release, maintenance and upgrades. With abundant development experience, our team who worked on versatile Google Android Applications SDK always understand the customer well and deliver effective and feasible solutions.

Accegile has a wide pool of professional Android developers for you to choose. You can outsource your whole project to us, or hire our dedicated Android developers to join your in-house team.

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Accegile Android Delivery Solutions (not limited in)
  • Migration from Web to Android Applications
  • Custom Android Application Development
  • Application Porting & Testing
  • Android Support & Maintenance
  • M-commerce Applications
  • Health Care Application
  • Social network Application
  • Audio & Video Streaming Application
  • Enterprise Industry Solutions
  • Instant Messaging Solutions
  • Entertainment & Media Applications
  • Traffic Applications
  • Insurance Applications
Related case studies:
O2O Buying Project (CN)

O2O buying Project is an app for users to buy goods from nearby vendors.


PING'AN CUSTOMER VISIT is an app used on tablets.

Music & Video Playing (US)

Music & Video Playing is an app for playing music and video.

Apparel Sharing & Shopping (US)

This is an app for sharing fashion apparel.


C56 is a community service application, enable users to chat online with the community staff.

Panda Discount

The app allows users to get the discount of shops in different cities and send the discount via SMS to user’s mobile phone, users can manage the discounts that they got and use the discounts when they purchase products in shops.

Employee Attendance (CN)

Employee Attendance is one part of Labor and Capital System.

Candy Town

Candy Town is an original puzzle game in which you try to grow the greatest possible town.

Mobile TV

This project is mobile TV and music system. Allow user to play video and music.

Cloud Theater

The system uses the Android framework and it implements a completed set of the TV playback system and movie playback system, it consists of a display list of the introduction of films and television, the functions of the player, the download function, searching function etc..

Sina Micro Blogging Features Show

User can access Sina micro blogging, such as view blogging, write new blogging, add facial expressive and share photos etc..

Set-top Box Oome Broadband and Wasu Internet TV

The app run on TV Set-Top box, allows user to request program, listen to music and play movice etc..

Diapp Wireframe

DIAPP Wireframe provides a convenient mobile solution for the factory equipment maintenance.

Dux Hot Water Guide

The Dux Hot Water Guide has the full range of Dux hot water systems including all product information, specification sheets and documents.

Dux Handbook

The Dux Plumbers Handbook is your complete guide to the entire range of Dux water heaters.


One-click sharing application, it works with many of the current popular social networks.

Mailing App (AU)

This is an entertainment app for sending emails.


CWNews means there are three important components, calendar, weather and News.


AiReader is a common tool for reading. It supports the ePub file.

Bubble Girl

The classic Bubble Shoot game.

Candy Link

Candy Link is a small game that can be easily operated; the way to play it is to cancel two same cartoon icons with straight lines.


Classic Minesweeper game for your Android (also known as Mines).

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