Database service

An efficient database plays an important role in running a software. While development of a high-performance database requires special knowledge and software engineering skills. Accegile's staff will transform your business requirements into physical database design.

Accegile offers the following:
  • Cloud Data Base offer a strong backup for your software to function much more efficiently on Laptop, mobile and Tablets. Need a Cloud Data Base in your business? Accegile can help you.

  • If your current database has critical performance issues or lacks interoperability and scalability, Accegile is ready for help you out of these issue.

  • To reduce time and avoid legacy system migration issues, Accegile offers to use full-cycle database migration services.

  • Different from traditional database, Business Intelligence Database is able to display the final data in report or diagram form which improved business efficient dramatically. In the process of development, we focus to the following areas:

    • • Data mining
    • • ETL execution
    • • Embedding data quality management procedures
    • • OLAP cubes development
    • • KPIs calculation

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